About Us

Blacksheep Contest & DX Group – M0BAA and G8T

The Blacksheep are a group of Radio Amateurs who come together to operate in various VHF/UHF Contests.

The group has been active since 1994 and along the way they achieved high levels in various VHF/UHF contests.

Current active members are: G8TIC, G4SHF, G0XDI, G4FAT, G4LOH, M0BTZ, M0MUX (Previously 2E0IBF), M6TIC, G3MEH, G0ODQ and G7RAU.

Resting members include M0SKC, G0RDI, G4MJS, EI5IX / M0XII,and we sadly lost G6YIN, SK.

We normally use one of two sites available to us – JO01KJ (Kent) or IN79JX (Cornwall).

We also provide/support the GB7BAA DX cluster (telnet:gb7baa.com:7300) including the GB3BAA 50MHz / 70MHz beacons on 50.016MHz & 70.016MHz at IO91PS .

If you hear us on please do give us a call.

QSL Information:  Manager G4SHF at QTHR, for direct (SAE and 2 EU/USD please) or via Bureau.