144MHz IARU / RSGB Trophy Contest – September 2015

On September 5th & 6th the RSGB & IARU R1 – 144 MHz International Trophy Contest took place.
The BlackSheep Contest and DX Group were out under the callsign “G8T” from Locator square JO01KJ.

Conditions were flat to poor over the weekend with high winds at times along with no tropo conditions, harder work than usual with deep QSB on some QSOs.
We finished with a claimed score of 699 QSO’s 271,931 points and our ODX was OE2M at 967Km.
Thanks to all who called us over throughout the weekend.

FullSizeRenderG8T Station



L>R: “2E0IBF Andy, G8TIC Mike, M0BTZ Bill, G0XDI Matt, EI5IX/M0XII Pat, M6TIC Rohan, G4FAT Nick (Taking Photo)


144Mhz / 432Mhz Low Power Contests

We’ve now uploaded our claimed scores for the RSGB 2m and 70cm low power contests.

First time for us for these contests and the stations were well put together and run by Bill M0BTZ and Andy 2E0IBF.

UK activity was good on 144mhZ. Good Wx. Managed 1 GM and a few DL’s that were active on the band but there was a number of F stations around

As for 432MHz activity and conditions were up a little bit, we were amazed to be called by EA2, it was the best Dx that we can remember in this contest.

Thanks as always to those who worked us.




RSGB 70MHz Trophy – July 19th 2015

On July 19th the RSGB – 70 MHz Trophy Contest took place.

We entered under the callsign “M0BAA/P” from Locator square JO01KJ. Mike G8TIC, Bill M0BTZ, Andy 2E0IBF and Pat EI5IX / M0XII arrived on site on the 18th Saturday evening to set up the antenna system which was a 8 element Yagi on our Versa Tower at 20m, we finally setup the Yaesu FT5000DX with a DB6NT Transverter and a 4CX250B valve linear amplifier producing 160 watts and once everything was prepared we had a quick listen on the bands, had a few QSO’s on SSB & CW working CT & PA so at that point when everything was working we decided to call it a day and go for a beer and some food then grab some sleep before the start of the contest at 10:00UTC Sunday Morning.


The contest was hard work with very little Sporadic E or Tropo conditions throughout the event, We finished up the contest at 16:00UTC with a claimed score of 115 QSO’s 32,214 points with 69 Multipliers and our ODX was Keith CT1JAD at 1752Km.
Thanks once again to everyone who called us during the contest,  we look forward to the next one.

 UPDATE: 19/07/2015


70 MHz Trophy 2015

The number of entrants for this event continues to show a healthy increase with 59 this year.  In general the weather was kind to the portables but the further north you ventured, the wetter you became!

There was a sporadic-E opening from the start of the contest until 12:06.  In this period there were 64 QSOs greater than 1000kms with three CT and two EA stations.  The best contact was between GM4ZUK/P and CT1JAD at 2249kms.  Comments regarding the tropospheric conditions varied from reasonable to poor.  In total there were 6 DL, 2 EI, 1 LX, 2 ON and 19 PA stations together with all G prefixes except GD.  The best QSO was between G3TCU and DK5YA at 737 kms.  There were 24 QSOs in excess of 600kms.  In total there were 217 stations in the logs with 152 G, 30 from other G prefixes and 35 non UK stations.

Logging standards were generally good with only 2.8% of contacts being judged as not valid.  In all three sections the top two stations were separated by very small margins and logging accuracy was key.

Congratulations go to:

  • The Blacksheep CG, M0BAA/P, for winning the Open Section and being awarded the VHF Managers Trophy;
  • Erik, G8XVJ/P, who won the single operator (others) section and, as the highest scoring single operator entry, is awarded the Four Metre Cup;
  • Fred, G4BWP for winning the single operator (fixed) section;

and also to the other stations identified in results who will all receive certificates.

Roger – G4BVY



RSGB VHF/UHF National Field Day 2015 – 4th & 5th July 2015

The weekend of 4th & 5th of July 2015 was the VHF/UHF National Field Day.

We were operational on 50MHz (6m), 70MHz (4m), 144MHz (2m) & 432MHz (70cm) from Locator Square “JO01KJ” under the call-sign “M0BAA/P“.

We arrived on site on the Friday at 15:00BST and began to set up our portable stations, weather conditions were amazing on the Friday with the sun beaming down on us as we constructed the stations for the contest which were starting on the Saturday at 14:00UTC until Sunday 14:00UTC. We worked hard into the evening on Friday until the Thunderstorms ceased our operations, so we decided to order a Take Away and have a few beers then bed down for the rest of the night to which got up early on Saturday morning and finished off the rest of the station builds. Weather was certainly a lot different on Saturday morning a lot cooler and the land was wet from the torrential rain the night before.

Team Building the 144MHz – 4 x 10 Array
144MHz – 4 x 10 Array up and running
432MHz Shack going together
432MHz Station – 4 x 17 Array on a Versa Tower
50MHz 7 element antenna on a Versa Tower
50MHz / 70MHz Shack
The good old Power Horse Generator (Now RIP)
EI5IX / M0XII rolling up Eco Flex 15+ Cable

We had a lot more challenges than usual present them selves this time around but we just put the head down pushed on through then suddenly it was 14:00UTC…CQ Contest!!!

Stephen G4SHF and Nick G4FAT and Pat EI5IX / M0XII were on 50 MHz. Mike G8TIC along with Matt G0XDI and Andy 2E0IBF who operated on 144MHz and Dave G7RAU with Bill M0BTZ operated on 432MHz for the start of the contest. We kept rotating operators on the stations which was great as it gave every body a feel of the different bands over the weekend.

Once 50MHz had finished at 22:00UTC we had to dismantle the station and built the 70MHz setup for the next morning at 08:00UTC, Operators were getting tired so we said we would finish the setup on Sunday morning only to find a few more issues which delayed our start on the 70MHz band by 45 minutes.

Once 14:00UTC on Sunday appeared on the clock some very weary and tired contesters began to disassemble the stations and get ready for the next stage “packing up”, We decided to stay overnight Sunday and go for some Fish and Chips have a few beers then get some sleep and be fresh for the morning. We got up Monday early packed up the stations and left the site in the afternoon for journey back home.

We finished up the contest with the following claimed scores and entries into the Open section of this contest with the following:

50Mhz (6m):

182 QSO’s – 40’809 Total Points with an ODX of 2007Km with 9H5MC

70Mhz (4m):

91 QSO’s – 21’284 Total points with an ODX of 779Km with GM3WOJ

144MHz (2m):

657 QSO’s – 268’429 Total points with an ODX of 1100Km with OL7M

432MHz (70cms):

227 QSO’s – 75’752 Total points with an ODX of 969Km with OL3Z

Even though we had some issues along the way the Team stayed positive and pushed on through, everyone really enjoyed the weekend, it was great laugh and we are all looking forward to the next one.


RSGB 50 MHz CW Trophy Contest 2015

The RSGB 50MHz CW Trophy contest on the 28th of June at 09:00- 12:00 UTC using the callsign”M0BAA/P” from locator IO91MP.

Bill M0BTZ & Pat EI5IX / M0XII went up the hill (to fetch a pale of water. ha) were they put together a Portable setup, FT847 with 100W and a 5 Element Tonna Yagi about 6 meters off the ground for the RSGB 50MHz CW Trophy contest.

There was Poor conditions on the 6M band with very little Tropo propagation around and UK activity was low, Thank god for some sproadic E propagation to keep us on our toes but not as much as we would have liked, Weather was Mild but it did rain a few times which hindered rotating the mast at times as we went with the old armstrong method this time around.  We entered the Open section as it was set out for Portable stations and finished up the contest with a claimed score of 50 QSO’s 9,375 Points with “YO2BBT” as our ODX of 1797Km.


50mhz cw
Map of our QSO’s


UPDATE – 21/07/2015
50 MHz CW 2015
This is the fourth year of the 50MHz CW contest. The number of entries has continued to decrease with only 21 entries this year. Though there were 85 UK stations active in the event.
Tropo conditions were reported as being from flat to poor to terrible. There was patchy sporadic E throughout the event though only 31 Es QSOs were completed with 12 stations in DL, EA, EA8, I, IS0, OZ, YO and YU. The best DX was between G4SGX and EA8DBM at 3098 kms and the best tropo contact was between G3ZVW and GM4PPT at 529 kms.
During the adjudication 8.3% of QSOs were disallowed and some entrants will notice large reductions in their claimed scores. Again the most common error was with RST.
Congratulations go to:
The Tiverton (SW) RC G4TSW for winning the Open section.
Steve G3ZVW for winning the SF section.
The other certificate winners who are identified in the results tables.
This contest is the second leg of the 2015 VHF CW Championship. G4TSW maintain their lead followed by M0BAA/P.

Roger – G4BVY

Thanks to Roger for adjuciating this contest and to all that gave us points during the contest delighted to come in 2nd place, look forward to the next contest,

73 – Pat EI5IX / M0XII

M0BAA CW (1)


RSGB / IARU 50Mhz Trophy Contest 2015 from IN79JX – 20TH & 21ST JUNE 2015

On June 20th & 21st the RSGB & IARU R1 – 50 MHz International Trophy Contest took place. We were active again this year under the callsign “G8T” from Locator square IN79JX. We arrived on site on Thursday evening to put together our station for the weekend.

G8T 50 MHz Contest Station
Band conditions were very patchy with very few Es on Saturday but much better on Sunday. Our ODX was KP4S at 6453Km via multihop Es on Saturday evening. We finished up the Contest with a claimed score of 638 QSO’s and 232 Multipliers totaling 177,146,848 points.
WX was foggy and windy at times right on the coast.
Team putting antennas together.
Versa Tower no.2 going up
Mandy (G0XDI’ YL) and Pat (M0XII/EI5XI) enjoying a nice Cuppa Tea!
Mike G8TIC and Tim G4LOH
(Pic L>R: Andy 2E0IBF,Bill M0BTZ (with the 50Mhz Telford Trophy from 2013 & 2014), Matt G0XDI, Mike G8TIC (With Shackle our Blacksheep), Rohan M6TIC, Nick G4FAT (With the Surrey NFD Trophy from 2014) Tim G4LOH and Pat EI5IX / M0XII.

A big Thank you if you worked us; it was a fantastic weekend.

Thanks to Matt’s wife Mandy for taking the Photo of us all, it certainly was a fantastic experience and great weekend with the group.
UPDATE 16/07/2015

There was very good sporadic-e for this contest with 26 stations working across into the Caribbean and Cape Verde at over 6000km.  Well done to UR7D and Z35T for working KP4 – Puerto Rico at over 8000km and to G1ZJP, G0VHF/P and M0WAF/P for working PJ4 – Bonaire at over 7000km.

Looking through the logs was very interesting and although at times the e”s were patchy there were 332 different locators up for grabs and 2107 different call-signs appear in the logs. A strong opening to the east and south-east enabled good points for many with good activity from most countries i.e. there were 267 unique Italian calls in the logs.

Turnout this year was similar to last year (98 this year compared to 93 in 2014) with the exception of an increase of overseas entries from 12 to 17 and sections 6S and SF were up by 4 each.

The same logging errors appeared this year as last year and common errors were incorrect serial numbers, some odd calls due to Mixing I”s and O”s with numbers and strange locators i.e. a station placed in Asiatic Russia (not permitted!) and a European station moved to South America and so on. It is worthwhile at least sense checking prefixes and typo funnies before submitting as a number of these were obviously wrong!

There were a number of stations using the DX window 100-130 to conduct European QSOs which contravenes the IARU band plan. The rules are quite clear on this and if you are going to CQ in the window you can only count the QSOs with other continents and should not work the European callers. Warnings have been issued and hopefully next year I will not be reporting on this.

The use of chat websites e.g. KST are allowed for this contest as it is in line with an IARU event but please remember do not to pass any information or assist the QSO in any way apart from agreeing a frequency to work each other, things like please “send the serial again” is seen as assisting the QSO and will result in a penalty being applied. If you want to stop the other station assisting during the QSO then say before starting “No chat during the QSO please”.

A final note on operating; I have received complaints and noted myself that some stations were frequency hopping onto other stations frequencies where QSOs were in progress. It is courteous to ask if the frequency is in use (or QRL? In cw) before starting CQ Contest as mutual QRM always destroys the QSO rate for both parties.

Well done to the Blacksheep CG operating again down on the Lizard in Cornwall for retaining the Telford Trophy with a massive score and congratulations to G8XVJ/P ” Erik operating from IO93 who takes the Six Metre Cup with a huge lead over the other contenders in this category.

Well done to all the other certificate winners”, details are shown in the results tables.

Dave Edwards –g7rau@rsgbcc.org

certificate1437406970-page-001 (1)

RSGB – 144MHz May Contest – 16th & 17th May 2015

The weekend of 16th & 17th of May 2015, We were operational on 144MHz (2m) from Locator Square “JO01KJ” under the call-sign “M0BAA/P“.

We arrived on site on the Friday the 15th and began to set up our station, weather conditions were reasonable on the Isle of Sheppey for the weekend as we worked hard into the evening on Friday. Saturday morning we got up early and finished off the rest of the station builds.

G8T5 G8T4 G8T3 G8T2 G8T1

Conditions were more-or-less “flat” for the whole of the event with slight enhancement towards south-west France. Activity very low on Saturday after the first couple of hours – picked up slightly on Sunday. Seemed few UK stations were on and mults were hard to find!

We finished this contest with 467 QSO’s and 105 multipliers with an ODX  from EA2KK @ 946Km, once again thanks to everyone who called us in this contest, looking forward to the next one.





UPDATE 29/06/15


Conditions in this year’s event were reported as ranging from “Good”, through “Poor” to “Dire”.

A number of stations mentioned the high winds which for some meant their mast was lower than usual. The problem was particularly acute for G4FZN and G8HQW operating G4G in the Yorkshire Dales, who reported :- “Dangerously windy so couldn’t set up on the summit – had to settle with south side where it was lower but more sheltered”

The number of active stations was slightly down on last year, but the number of entries was slightly up. The 6S Section continues to be popular with 37 entries this year compared to 28 in 2014 and 2013.

It looks like you have to be in JO01 to do well in the Open Section, headed again the year by the Blacksheep CG, G8T on the Isle of Sheppy, from the Colchester RA, G0VHF/P just up the coast on The Naze. Both stations had very similar scores to last year.

The top three stations in the SF section were more geographically disbursed, Roger, G3MEH won top spot from his QTH in Tring in Hertfordshire. In 2nd place is Tony G4NBS near Cambridge, who noted “30 Years since I last did this contest from Home”, welcome back Tony! Richard, G4HGI is in third place, with the highest score using 25W and a single yagi, from his location near St Helens in Merseyside.

For the 2nd year running Michael, M0ICKL/P and Andrew, GW4XZL/P (running only 3w) are 1st and 2nd in the SO section, both operating from IO83 square.

In the 6S section, Richard, GD8EXI once again managed to top the table, despite operating for only 4½hours, proving you can do well from the far west of the UK. Bob, G1ZJP, operating as M1MHZ was in second place, who did operate the full 6 hours, but still found time to mow the lawns, displaying excellent time management skills! I wonder how many lawns Bob has? Certificates and congratulations also go to Mike, M5MUF, the highest placed 25w/Single yagi entrant, Frank PE1EWR, the highest placed non-UK entrant and Chris, 2E0XJP, the highest placed intermediate licensee.

In the 6O section, G4G, operated by Chris, G4FZN and Pauline, G8HQW move back to 1st place this year from 2nd last year, despite having to set up in a less than optimal spot on their site. M3P, the Harwell ARS are in 2nd place this year, operated by another family team ,that of Mike, G8CUL, and Ann, G8NVI helped by Michael, G0MJW from their site near Didcot.

Pete Lindsay, G4CLA.


G8T May Cert






RSGB 70MHz CW Trophy Contest, May 10th 2015

On May 10th the RSGB – 70 MHz CW Trophy Contest took place. We were out under the callsign “M0BAA/P” from Locator square JO01KJ and first time that the Blacksheep Contest and DX group have entered this contest. Mike G8TIC.Bill M0BTZ and Pat EI5IX / M0XII arrived on site on the Saturday evening and set up the antenna system which was a 7 element DK7ZB on our Versa Tower at 20m, we worked hard into Saturday night building the system and finally setup the Yaesu FT5000DX with a DB6NT Transverter and a 4CX250B valve linear amplifier producing 160 watts. Once everything was prepared we went for a beer with some food and got some sleep before the start of the contest at 09:00UTC.


Conditions were flat and at times we struggled to work stations in the north of the country, but some big MS bursts at times from the continent included us hearing some Eastern European commercial radio stations break through at times. As for the weather I got to say it was very good to us for this contest and certainly helped us when setting up and taking apart the station.
We finished up this contest in 3rd Place with 31 QSO’s and 27 Post Code Multipliers totalling 268,083 points, our ODX was GM3WOJ at 779Km’s.
Once again thanks to everyone that called us and gave us points in this contest, looking forward to the next one.

RSGB / IARU – March 144MHz & 432MHz Contest March 7th/8th 2015

On March 7th & 8th the RSGB & IARU R1 – 144 MHz & 432MHz International Trophy Contest took place.

We were out under the callsign “G8T” from Locator square JO01KJ and first time in several years that we entered this contest. There was a lot of preparations to be made for this contest so we arrived on the site Thursday Night and started putting together our station for the weekend. We worked hard all day Friday and finally got all antenna systems built and working by Saturday afternoon just in time for the start of the contest at 14:00UTC.

Below some pictures of the antennas we setup for this contest:

2m Shack and Antenna Systems
The 2m Arrays
4 x 10 Element Yagis on 2M
2 x 14 Element Yagis on 2M
6 x 3 Element Yagis on 2M
4 x 17 Element Yagis on 70cm
As for the contest conditions on the 2m band they were up towards OK/OE and F/EA on the Saturday but very flat on the Sunday and as for the 70cm band, conditions were up towards OZ/DL on the Saturday but same as 2m very flat on Sunday.
We finished up the contest with the following claimed score:
695 QSO’s with 397 Points Per QSO – Totaling 275,837 Points, ODX – EB1DBP @ 1136km
171 QSO’s with 335 Points Per QSO – Totaling 57,310 Points, ODX – OZ1SKY @ 821km
Once again got to say a big Thank you to all the Team in the Blacksheep Contest group for inviting me along again to contest with them, it certainly was a fantastic experience and a great weekend. Looking forward to the next one and as always thanks to all for QSOs and the points.


March 144/432 MHz 2015

The Hepburn forecast was enticing during the week leading up to the event. In the end the forecast proved optimistic. However there were enhanced conditions particularly during Saturday evening. On 144MHz many stations were working into the further reaches of DL, OE, OK and SM. Additionally there were lifts into EA between 8 and 9pm on Saturday and between 7am and 1pm on Sunday. The number of contacts made by G8T was the highest by some margin in the 16 years that I have adjudicated this contest. On 432MHz the enhanced condition were into DL and OZ.

On 144MHz 99 squares were worked. There were 15 QSOs greater than 1000kms and a further 18 QSOs between 900 and 1000kms. The best contact was between GD8EXI and EA1EWY/P at 1175kms.

On 432MHz 60 squares were active. There were 8 contacts over 800kms and a further 27 between 700 and 800kms. The best contact was between G3M and OZ9GE at 899kms.

The March contest is rarely benign weather wise and this year there were strong and gusty winds across the UK and rain affected some portable stations.

Overall entry levels rose considerably and were 48% up on 2014. Most noticeable was the increase in single operator fixed stations participating in the 24 hour section.

Congratulations go to:
The Blacksheep Contest Group, G8T, who won the open section;
Keith, G4ODA, who won the single operator fixed section;
Richard, G4WFR/P, for winning the single operator others section;
The Drowned Rats CG, M0HRF/P, who won the six-hour open section;
Richard, GD8EXI, who won the six-hour single operator fixed section for the second year running;
All other band winners and runners up, who together with stations identified, will receive certificates.

Roger Dixon, G4BVY

March 144432C

March 144432B March 144432